• Rob Say's

Its a mans world

Male grooming has migrated from the barber’s chair and become the fastest growth point for hair and beauty salons, research shows. Nine in ten salons have reported an increase in men coming through the doors of their establishments which now equate to a quarter of their clients are men.

With this growth stylists and salons have upped their game. There is a lot more diversity in styles and aftercare that is available and services within the salon aiming for the male market.

In this blog I am going to talk about some of the hottest trends right now and some tips and tricks to make your hair thicker and stronger.


Thanks to a certain Mr Beckham we have seen a huge variety of trends for us men, from the Mohawk to the Man Bun, and some of the others in between that were ‘sarong’ (get it).

2018 is seeing the return of more relaxed, lived in hair. However guys, this doesn’t happen by accident. A textured haircut styled with the right products. Time to throw away the wet look gel.

A haircut like this is a strong shape. The sides are tapered in using scissors not clippers, this gives a softer, more wearable style, yet sharp and strong. The top is ‘point cut’ to give the messy, loose texture. I would then finish this by using a matt clay to bring it to life and give it a little bit of a natural hold. This style is also great for a thinning hairline. By taking the front short and sweeping it over it won’t look like you are trying to hide that recession. The more you try and hide it, the more it will show. Embrace that hairline and you will be more confident for it.

For a more professional style you still can’t beat the quiff. Again the back and sides are scissor cut to the desired length, usually around a grade 2, with the top left slightly longer. Here’s where, for a lot of guys, the new bit comes in. you’re going to need to blow-dry your hair. Ask your stylist about the benefits of a nozzle and a small brush and not forgetting the hairspray. You’ll thank me guys.

Not forgetting colour. This is a massive trend for 2018 with the likes of Johnny Depp and Jared Leto all experimenting with strong colour. The key is to have a strong plan with your stylist, use pictures or Pinterest and figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle. It can look extremely tasteful and beneficial in a way that colour actually thickens up your hair by expanding the cortex deep inside.