• Rob Say's

The best men's haircuts for 2019

Men's hair is going in a completely different direction this year, and believe me, that's a good thing.

If you google men's hair trends for 2019 you'll probably get a lot of airbrushed guys with extremely precious fades. That is not reality guys, please don't start flat ironing your quiff. That is the internet going crazy, and the industry holding onto a hair trend for far too long.

If you want to bring your hair into 2019 your going to have to push yourself in the opposite direction and grow it long and groom it less. Today's best looks are natural, wild, and badass, in a way that is terrible for instagram but amazing in photos. Essentially, hair is fun again.

Rock God Rings

Troye Sivan

The ultra-groomed high fade days maybe over but that doesn't mean one of the most popular men's haircuts is dead altogether. One way to modernize the cut is to let the length on to wave and curl up as nature intended (even tong it, i wont judge). Don't be quite as precious with the sides either and the whole style will take on a whole new vibe.

The Scruffy Buzz

Ryan Gosling

Ok so your hair is straight and fine and doesn't do anything you want it to. In that case, you can fake messiness and character by going for a short crop or buzz cut that isn't so perfect. Leave a mm or 2 at the front, don't trim down your cowslick, use use very little product and you will feel like a grooming badass-even in a nice suit.

The New Wave Fade

Anwar Hadid

This is one of my personal faves. Its i'm super edgy and i don't give a care. Take the line of your fade a bit lower, cut your hair on top a bit shorter and then dye it an unnatural colour and let it get all dirty and textured. If you have fine hair, this spin on the fade is great, since it doesn't require too much from your strands but still makes a statement.

Curls For The Girls

James Franco

And if your natural texture is curly but not coarse, do almost the same thing and let it grow out a bit all over. This is so low maintenance it's unreal. You just let your naturaly movement do it's thing. Resist the urge to smooth out the sides with hair products. Sideburn curls will make you feel (and look) younger.

The Hot Mess

Justin Bieber

"I haven't really touched it in weeks" texture had a moment this summer that we appreciated because it represented the care-free, out every night fun that is that time of the year. Wether you feel comfortable living this messy is a matter of your own personal style and also your employment status.

Slippery When Wet

Robert Pattison

Do you miss the days when haircut precision and grooming really mattered? There's a 2019 haircut for you too. Try a layered, medium length cut that's nice and tidy on the sides and shine-serum it up. I'm talking a proper 50p piece sized squirt and possibly more at night too. The more you fuss with it, the better and greasier its going to look.